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About Upsurge-capital

Upsurge-capital is #1 best investment platform.

Across each of our traditional investment areas we have established a general approach to environmental, social and corporate governance.

Upsurge-capital Investors are signatories to initiatives such as the Principles for Responsible Investment.
We combine brand strategy and planning with digital strategy to find a brand’s true capability.

Key features of Upsurge-capital

Fixed Income: With the largest Fixed Income Department dedicated to High Yield bonds for these sectors, experience in market knowledge is certain.
Real Assets: Upsurge-capital Asset Management's Real Estate & Private Markets business is one of the largest growing asset managers in real assets worldwide.

We are an independent fund manager with a growing position in capital market and a strong international presence. We consider our client relationships as long-term collaborations, and focus on maintaining a transparent and close relation to our clients. Since our inception in 2017, we have managed funds for municipalities, foundations, investment firms and private investors. Many of our clients have invested with us since the beginning, as well as employees of the Upsurge-capital Investment group are heavily invested in our funds, in total being our largest client.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Team

Our dedicated team is qualified with trading skills and vast experience that work hard and smart to serve better.


Clients are able to view their live trades 24/7. When we take a trade you also take a trade.

Fast Payments

Upsurge-capital is famous for its punctuality. All the online payments are always secured and right in time.

Secured Assets

We invest in limited risk opportunities and with top world professionals managing your investment.

Great Customer Support

Our customer support team is always excited to assist you regarding any of the uncertainties via email and social media.

Big Trade Insights

Since 2017 we have successfully made more than 5 billion dollar profit.

Upsurge-capital Asset Investment

We do this by investing in a responsible and ethical manner. We believe that responsible investments are important for achieving the best possible risk-adjusted return for our unitholders and customers. Sustainability and sound corporate governance give companies competitive advantages and contribute to long-term value creation.

The purpose of our guidelines for responsible investing is to prevent Upsurge-capital Asset Management from contributing to the violation of human rights, labor rights, corruption, environmental damage or other unethical actions. We seek to invest in companies with top quality operations and management. Hence, we will not invest in companies/equities on the exclusion list of the world investment standard.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to combine brand strategy and planning with digital strategy to find a brand’s true capability.

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